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 • ARM Launches Cortex-A50 Series, the World's Most Energy-Efficient 64-bit Processors(2012/11/26)
 • Look to 2011 TAITRONICS and BROADBAND TAIWAN to source the best electronic components and equipment(2011/9/1)
 • Google's Chrome OS posed to disrupt dominance of Windows and Machintosh OS (2010/12/23)
 • Tsinghua Tongfang Aims at Expanding Notebook and Netbook Markets (2009/7/3)
 • LED Specialist Diguang Ventures into PC Terminal Production (2009/6/30)
 • Bigger and Smarter Makes Displays More Interesting and Attractive (2009/4/29)

CompuTrade International (CTI)

CompuTrade International (CTI) magazine has been in circulation since its establishment in 1990. CTI is an English language magazine with over 16 years experience serving international IT buyers and suppliers. The magazine is published 10 times a year providing a channel for smaller business manufacturers of individual parts and the large brand companies in the industry. CTI is in every major international trade show around the globe featured at such major conventions as CeBIT, COMPUTEX and Gitex. CTI connects Asian value-added companies to distant foreign markets stretching from Brazil to India to Russia.

45,000 copies of CTI are circulated around the globe with even distribution throughout North & South America, Western & Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Asia, the Middle East and Africa. In every issue readers can find articles on industry breakthroughs and updates, new products and product lines, breaking news and emerging markets and trends. CTI brings to the reader the flexibility in product and price of the Asian Industry while covering developing topics on such technologies as desktop/notebook PCs, Industrial PC (IPC), Telecommunications, wireless LAN, applied computing solutions and various digital inventions. In this new digital era, CompuTrade International gives its readers up-to-date information serving as a valuable resource for the release of groundbreaking innovations. CompuTrade International is consistently looking for new ways to keep buyers conscious of all new industry developments.

CTI is affiliated with ARCO InfoComm whom provides buyers with trade directories and product supplements. To learn more about CompuTrade International or Arco InfoComm access our website online at:

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